Thursday, December 2, 2021

pacificREVIEW 2022 is open for submissions

ATLANTIS and other lost places

pacificREVIEW 2022 is now open for submissions (12/1/2021-2/1/2022)


We- as a collective- have lost much these past few years. There has been lost time, lost lives, lost connections and so many other losses that have impacted our lives. But loss as a concept is something different for everyone. Where the things we lose go, how we can hope to find them, if we can ever find them? This is something that each of us must define on our own.

This year’s pacificREVIEW asks a deceptively simple question: How do you understand loss? We want to hear about the littlest of losses, and the biggest. Let your mind wander into the abstract idea of loss. Whether this exploration takes you into the whimsical or the mundane, the nihilistic or the hopeful, the way loss shapes us or destroys us; that is up to you, the artist. All we ask is that you take a path into a deeper understanding of the concept, and let yourself get lost from there.

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Submission will be accepted from December 1st 2021 through February 1st 2022


Three previously unpublished submissions per person. You may submit something that you have submitted to another journal but please refer to that in your submission; if you are accepted to be published in another journal please contact pacificREVIEW to withdraw your submission.


  • Any written short fiction, prose, etc.
  • Limit: All submissions under or at 5,000 words (Submitted double spaced unless the formatting is a stylistic choice)
  • Format: Microsoft Word Document (.doc or .docx files)


  • Limit: Two typed-pages per poem
  • Format: Microsoft Word Document (.doc or .docx files)

Visual Art

  • Photography, traditional art mediums (pencil, ink, paint, etc.), graphic narratives (that do not exceed two pages) mixed media, and digital art
  • Format: High resolution (300 dpi) PDF

Pacific Review is committed to publishing work that is diverse in its storytelling and artistic expression.

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