Wednesday, August 17, 2011

pacificREVIEW 2011: REVOLT | a west coast arts review annual ||| now available via our agents at AMAZON.COM

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From the intro:

Editor’s Note
To start a revolution, bombs don’t need to be planted in banks and hospitals, on buses and human beings. Instead, bombs must be deposited in the single most sensitive and impressionable place in the world in order to create the most potent effect—the mind. How do you do this? Easy. By understanding the power of words and by using them. Every single piece of work within this journal is an act of revolution against what is established, what is hated, what is normal, what is wrong. These poems and short fiction pieces offer to their readers many “counter-understandings” of what our world is and what our world should be. They plant a seed in your mind and with your diligent and affectionate attention, can eventually allow a beautiful, strong, extraordinary thought to grow. New ideas will ignite within your mind and spread to your mouth, hands and feet. And with these new ideas you will speak, write, and march—planting tiny seeds of your own along the way. You will change the world through your very own internal revolution. Take these fresh philosophies and run with them. Share them with others. Inspire them to join you in your revolt against, well, anything.

Lindsey Messner

pacificREVIEW 2011 | REVOLT! | The 2011 edition of pacificREVIEW: A West Coast Arts Review Annual edited by Lindsey Messner with undergraduates and graduate students from SDSU and published by San Diego State University Press; contributors include: Melissa Castillo-Garsow, Doug Cox, Jason Joyce, Paul David, Paris Brown, Shane Roeschlein, Joshua Gage, Vivekanand Jha, Alan Britt, Elisabeth Sharp McKetta, Kristin Berkey-Abbott, Frank Scozzari, Deepak Chaswal, Ken Poyner, James B. Nicola, Eric Barnes, M. Kaat Toy, Janice Pisello, Roger Camp, Kent Cooper, Scott McFarland, Guy J. Jackson, Stephen Lackaye, Catherine McGuire, Darren Fernando, Kelly Talbot, Carroll Susco, and Christopher Mulrooney.

Publisher: San Diego State University Press
Copyright Year: © 2011