Monday, August 2, 2021

Now on Sale! THE MIRROR MAZE, pacificREVIEW 2021

 2, August 2021

Now available! THE MIRROR MAZE, pacREV2021, edited by Nayeli Castañeda-Lechuga and crew! Featuring writers and artists from all over the planet! Click the image opposite to snap up a copy via or click the add-to-cart button below to get a copy direct from pacREV & SDSU Press. 

Order Direct from SDSU Press and pacREV, $16.95 + 99¢ shipping! Go HERE and look for the ADD TO CART button!


When you are forced to confront your own image, what is it that you see? Our 2021 edition of pacificREVIEW, “The Mirror Maze,” explores the complexity and fluidity of identity. Over fifty contributors, all of unique and diverse backgrounds, offer a response to the question posed above--a small glimpse at what it means to be human in the 21st century and in the 2020’s. Whether through poetry, short story, creative nonfiction, or visual art, “The Mirror Maze” showcases pieces that speak of ethnicity and culture, mental illness, familial relationships, trauma, sexual orientation, and more. Curated by four graduate-student women dedicated to inclusivity, “The Mirror Maze” provides a platform to writers and artists from across the U.S. and from various international regions. 

Editors: Nayeli Castañeda-Lechuga - Abigail Hora - Shekinah Kifer - Sara Schulke 

Contributors: Elizabeth Boquet - Masha Lisak - Paul Bufis - Matt L. Hall - Eric Rawson - Ciera Lloyd - Micaela Accardi-Krown - Jeanette C. Vigliotti - Rachele Salvini - Takwa (Tee) Sharif - L. Kardon - Labdhi Shah - Emily Rankin - Kateryna Bortsova - KWONG Kwok Wai, Walter - Karyna Aslanova - Janice Fried - Marcie Wolf-Hubbard - doris e. rubio - Travis Stephens - Juan Cortez - Vanessa Rodriguez - M.A. Dubbs - Polchate (Jam) Kraprayoon - LeShun Smith - Mario Loprete - Guilherme Bergamini - Carrie Albert - Ali Headley - Coco Spencer - Nick Lamia - Katlin Marisol Sweeney - Keily V. Maldonado - Gregory Francis Royse II - Matty Penner - Ernst Perdriel - Shannon Steinkamp - Robert Bear - Tomas Nieto - Andres Enrique Mendoza - Dale Stromberg - RC deWinter - Allison Whittenberg - Jeffrey H. MacLachlan - Madi Giovina - Aimee Lowenstern - McKenna Themm - Emily Joy Oomen - Eric Odynocki - David Radavich - Evelyn Burd - Obinna Chilekezi - Kaylianne Chaffee

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