Thursday, December 2, 2021

pacificREVIEW 2022 is open for submissions

ATLANTIS and other lost places

pacificREVIEW 2022 is now open for submissions (12/1/2021-2/1/2022)


We- as a collective- have lost much these past few years. There has been lost time, lost lives, lost connections and so many other losses that have impacted our lives. But loss as a concept is something different for everyone. Where the things we lose go, how we can hope to find them, if we can ever find them? This is something that each of us must define on our own.

This year’s pacificREVIEW asks a deceptively simple question: How do you understand loss? We want to hear about the littlest of losses, and the biggest. Let your mind wander into the abstract idea of loss. Whether this exploration takes you into the whimsical or the mundane, the nihilistic or the hopeful, the way loss shapes us or destroys us; that is up to you, the artist. All we ask is that you take a path into a deeper understanding of the concept, and let yourself get lost from there.

Submit to pacREV here ---> 

Submission will be accepted from December 1st 2021 through February 1st 2022


Three previously unpublished submissions per person. You may submit something that you have submitted to another journal but please refer to that in your submission; if you are accepted to be published in another journal please contact pacificREVIEW to withdraw your submission.


  • Any written short fiction, prose, etc.
  • Limit: All submissions under or at 5,000 words (Submitted double spaced unless the formatting is a stylistic choice)
  • Format: Microsoft Word Document (.doc or .docx files)


  • Limit: Two typed-pages per poem
  • Format: Microsoft Word Document (.doc or .docx files)

Visual Art

  • Photography, traditional art mediums (pencil, ink, paint, etc.), graphic narratives (that do not exceed two pages) mixed media, and digital art
  • Format: High resolution (300 dpi) PDF

Pacific Review is committed to publishing work that is diverse in its storytelling and artistic expression.

To learn more about pacificREVIEW, visit or follow us on our social media accounts (Insta: @pacificreview; FB: @PacRev).

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Monday, August 2, 2021

Now on Sale! THE MIRROR MAZE, pacificREVIEW 2021

 2, August 2021

Now available! THE MIRROR MAZE, pacREV2021, edited by Nayeli Castañeda-Lechuga and crew! Featuring writers and artists from all over the planet! Click the image opposite to snap up a copy via or click the add-to-cart button below to get a copy direct from pacREV & SDSU Press. 

Order Direct from SDSU Press and pacREV, $16.95 + 99¢ shipping! Go HERE and look for the ADD TO CART button!


When you are forced to confront your own image, what is it that you see? Our 2021 edition of pacificREVIEW, “The Mirror Maze,” explores the complexity and fluidity of identity. Over fifty contributors, all of unique and diverse backgrounds, offer a response to the question posed above--a small glimpse at what it means to be human in the 21st century and in the 2020’s. Whether through poetry, short story, creative nonfiction, or visual art, “The Mirror Maze” showcases pieces that speak of ethnicity and culture, mental illness, familial relationships, trauma, sexual orientation, and more. Curated by four graduate-student women dedicated to inclusivity, “The Mirror Maze” provides a platform to writers and artists from across the U.S. and from various international regions. 

Editors: Nayeli Castañeda-Lechuga - Abigail Hora - Shekinah Kifer - Sara Schulke 

Contributors: Elizabeth Boquet - Masha Lisak - Paul Bufis - Matt L. Hall - Eric Rawson - Ciera Lloyd - Micaela Accardi-Krown - Jeanette C. Vigliotti - Rachele Salvini - Takwa (Tee) Sharif - L. Kardon - Labdhi Shah - Emily Rankin - Kateryna Bortsova - KWONG Kwok Wai, Walter - Karyna Aslanova - Janice Fried - Marcie Wolf-Hubbard - doris e. rubio - Travis Stephens - Juan Cortez - Vanessa Rodriguez - M.A. Dubbs - Polchate (Jam) Kraprayoon - LeShun Smith - Mario Loprete - Guilherme Bergamini - Carrie Albert - Ali Headley - Coco Spencer - Nick Lamia - Katlin Marisol Sweeney - Keily V. Maldonado - Gregory Francis Royse II - Matty Penner - Ernst Perdriel - Shannon Steinkamp - Robert Bear - Tomas Nieto - Andres Enrique Mendoza - Dale Stromberg - RC deWinter - Allison Whittenberg - Jeffrey H. MacLachlan - Madi Giovina - Aimee Lowenstern - McKenna Themm - Emily Joy Oomen - Eric Odynocki - David Radavich - Evelyn Burd - Obinna Chilekezi - Kaylianne Chaffee

Friday, August 14, 2020

New Editor Announced! pacificREVIEW 2021! Nayeli Castañeda-Lechuga

Great news here from pacificREVIEW, aka pacREV, central! We have a new incoming editor for pacificREVIEW: A West Coast Arts Review Annual 2021

Congratulations to 2nd year MFA in Creative Writing graduate student Nayeli Castañeda-Lechuga. Nayeli will be taking over the reins of this blog and working also as an editorial associate for SDSU Press. Welcome Nayeli!

William Nericcio
Faculty Advisor, SDSU | pacificREVIEW

Saturday, March 28, 2020

pacREV 2020 Shipping Monday

pacREV's Mothership is Back Online and Shipping! Synchronous Shipping Out Monday, March 30, 2020, to Contributors!

Monday, September 16, 2019

Call for Papers for pacificREVIEW 2020 - OPEN NOW!


Despite our constant unraveling, humans are bound to each other and are continually
finding ways of becoming entangled with one another. Our platonic, romantic, and
paternal bonds of love cause us to belong to each other. This fierce intimacy has the
potential to stretch physical, emotional, and spiritual boundaries.

How do humans currently become entangled with each other? How do we love each other?
Hate each other? Cooperate with one another? What connections are condemned and
stigmatized? Should they be? How do our shared experiences enhance our individual

Join us in our celebration and exploration of the ties that bind us together. We invite you to
share about your experience with human bonds and contribute to the pacificREVIEW
2020 issue: synchronous.

Submissions will be accepted until December 20, 2019.

Submission Considerations: Submission Considerations: pacificREVIEW considers previously unpublished work. You may submit up to a total of three pieces of work from any genre for consideration in this edition. When submitting content, we highly recommend that you include a statement regarding how your work responds to the edition theme.  

 · Fiction and Creative Nonfiction: Limit 4,500 words, double spaced, attached as a Microsoft Word Document. Short stories and flash fiction are also encouraged. 
 · Poetry: Please limit your poems to no more than 2 typed pages, attached as a Microsoft Word Document.
 · Photographs/drawings/artwork: Please submit as a high resolution (300 dpi) greyscale or black and white PDF. 
 · Graphic Narrative: Please in a high resolution (300 dpi) greyscale or black and white PDF. Panels must fit on two pages.

Submit electronically here


Snail mail subs can be addressed to:

Emily Buckley, Miles Reyes Head Editrixes
pacific REVIEW
Dept. of English and Comparative Literature
San Diego State University
5500 Campanile Dr. | MC6020
San Diego, CA

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Leon Lanzbom's MFA Thesis, Now Available to the Masses!

click to enlarge
One of our coolest former editors here at pacREV headquarters was the inimitable artist, musician, poet, professor, and comedian Leon Lanzbom.

It's been years since he passed to the next dimension, but we love him all the more with every passing day.  To that end we have made his unpublished MFA thesis available for friends, familia, and fans.  Some pictures from the work appear below and you can order your own copy here for $12 bucks cheap (and free shipping)! Leon would have loved that!  More of his editorial work for SDSU Press and pacificREVIEW appear below the pictures from his thesis.

free shipping

Other works edited by Leon Lanzbom:

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Call for Papers for pacificREVIEW 2019 - OPEN NOW!


pacificREVIEW: A West Coast Arts Review Annual is delighted to announce the theme for our 2019 issue: HALLUCINATION

How far does our perception stretch—what can you some of us see that others cannot? How does perception limit us? How do we define the so-called Twilight Zone? What rules do we adhere to as prescribed by the societal understanding of reality? What boundaries do we reside within before we are exposed to anti-reality? What happens beyond the veil of the here and now? Where is the line between what we consider tangible and intangible? When can we convince ourselves of what is surreal or unreal altogether and why? Just as a hallucination can destroy the fabric of what we consider reality, how could it also help or protect us? How many have been lost to liminal spaces akin to the Bermuda Triangle? What makes the waking world the truth? Why then are we shaken by prophetic or symbolic dreams – what happens when the dream becomes reality? Why does the hybrid of the unreal and real frighten us?

Join us down the Rabbit Hole. This year’s call for papers may delve into the global or extremely personal but all should address some aspect of the bountiful ways in which we experience and understand Hallucination.

Submission will be accepted until January 1, 2019.
Please submit to only one of the following:

· Fiction and Creative Nonfiction: Please submit no more than one piece of work, limit 4,500 words, double spaced, attached as a Microsoft Word Document. Short stories and flash fiction are also encouraged.

· Poetry: You are welcome to submit 2-3 pieces of poetry. Please limit your poems to no more than 2 typed pages, attached as a Microsoft Word Document.

· Photographs/drawings/artwork: You may submit up to 10 pieces of artwork that cover a cohesive theme or style. Please submit as a high resolution (300 dpi) greyscale or black and white PDF.

· Graphic Narrative: Please submit no more than two pieces in a high resolution (300 dpi) greyscale or black and white PDF. Panels must fit on two pages.

How to Submit:
We accept submissions both via Submittable and snail mail!

Snail mail subs can be addressed to:
Alex Cline, Editor
pacific REVIEW
 Dept. of English and Comparative Literature
 San Diego State University
 5500 Campanile Dr. | MC6020
 San Diego, CA